September 18, 2012 – September 21, 2012 all-day
Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica. Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Avenida da República
Estação Agronómica Nacional
Mara Almeida & Emiliano Feresin

There is a vivid landscape of institutions around Europe dealing with questions of societal impact of new technological developments. Many institutions use different approaches and methods, but more or less all acknowledge the increasing importance of involving civil society in the process of decision-making and governance of scientific and technological developments. In order to ensure a high and uniform level of quality of (P)TA in Europe PACITA is organising the first of four training workshops in Lisbon.

This workshop is designed for practitioners of PTA and non-PTA Institutions, which are involved with the PACITA initiative and/or are members of the EPTA Network. It will be the first of a four workshops’ series, that will explore the guiding questions of a TA project (what, why, when, how and who). This first meeting aims at training practitioners how to select and frame TA-themes – hence it will deal with the “what is the core issue?” question. Another aspect is the rationale of the project: Why do we do it? Is it about a hot issue or about long-term questions? Related to that the question of timing has to be solved. When shall we do the project? This is about timing with regard to stage of the technology development, public debate and political agendas, etc.

Please use the registration form below if you expect to attend the workshop (please note that some travel and accommodation expenses for PACITA partners are funded by PACITA, in any other case your organisation will have to pay for them).

Each institution can send a maximum of two (2) practitioners, but established TA institutions which are PACITA-partners can signal two extra persons (reserves), which could be included as participants if the total number will be considered not detrimental to the quality of the workshop. In case other institutes wish to send more participants, they should contact us, we will check the situation after we have all the applications.

You can see the program here.

For registration please fill in the form below before August 20th:

Only for TA institutions which are PACITA partners

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