Chairs Leonhard Hennen, Linda Nierling
Day and time Wednesday, March 13th, 2013: 15:45 – 19:00
Ivan Dvořák  (ILA s.r.o.)

Ivan Dvořák (ILA s.r.o.)

In this session, new trends in the development of Technology Assessment in Europe, Asia and the US were jointly discussed. Hereby the focus lies on national cases of “emerging” TA-initiatives and networks across Europe as well as TA-approaches and initiatives in Asia. The presentations reflected on sharing experiences with regard to institutionalization processes of TA in different national contexts, on the one hand, and pointing out differences of national contexts with regard to specific political cultures, on the other.

In the light of the fragility of institutionalization processes of TA (c.f. recent experiences in Europe) this session intended furthermore to contribute to a global TA community which might support emerging TA initiatives.

The abstracts of the session can be read here.



Presentations of the session:

  • M. van Oudheusden/ N. Charlier/ B. Rosskamp/ P. Delvenne

TA in transition: Mapping the interplay of policy paradigms and TA in Flanders and Wallonia.

  • A. Augustinaitis/ A. Kiskiene

Barriers and communication in making political technology assessment decisions in Lithuania.

  • I. Dvořák

Responsible research and innovation for great transitions in a small CE country.

  • L. Hennen/ L. Nierling

A second wave of technology assessment? Comparative findings from Europe.

  • J. Kim/ H. Kim

Introduction of technology assessment system of Korea for national S&T.

  • T. Kamisato/ M. Hosono/ G. Yoshizawa

Creating a hub for ELSI/TA education, research and implementation in Japan.

  • P. Ashworth

Raising the profile of TA in Australia’s national science agency.

  • T. Persons/ N. Barkakati

TA in the US: Reinvigoration and Reinvention.