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Interview to Daniel Sarewitz

Science will not provide the solution

“Where societal tensions are high, politicians cannot afford to place their faith in the neutrality of scientific information”, believes American writer Professor Daniel Sarewitz. He does not see this as cause for regret.

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Practitioners' meeting

18 to 20|04|12 ................ Lisbon

Summer school

27 to 29|06|12 ................ Liège

Special Report

European power struggles:
Can public resistance be overcome?

Call it people power. Or rather, people against power. Ordinary Europeans have become experts in delaying or even stopping the introduction of energy technologies. How can public resistance be overcome?


There have been protests all over Europe against wind farms, geothermal facilities and other green initiatives. People are organising, demonstrating, and attempting to elect politicians who promise not to build anything. If that isn't enough, citizens are using the courts to tie up planners and builders of new energy technologies for years, often with the help of local municipalities or environmental groups.

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Cooling our planet?

We’re failing to reduce the emissions contributing to global warming. So why not try something more direct, say geoengineers. Let’s cool the earth by shooting sulphur particles into the atmosphere to imitate the shading effect of a volcanic explosion. Bold or bonkers?

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Growing a Frock

Suzanne Lee, fashion designer and Director of BioCouture, investigates the use of microbialcellulose, grown in a laboratory, to produce clothing. She collaborates with scientists to unite design with cutting edge bio and nano-technologies. Ultimate goal? …

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