Selecting the theme

This workshop, designed for practitioners of PTA and non-PTA Institutions explored the guiding questions of a TA project:

  • What is the core issue?
    • Why do we do it?
  • Is it about a hot issue or about long-term questions?
  • When shall we do the project?

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Several days before the workshop a questionnaire was sent to the participants asking about the criteria and procedures used when selecting a TA theme in their organisations. The results were presented and discussed in the first day of the meeting.

On the second day group activities were carried out to examine, discuss and select potential or typical and special TA themes, not only from a TA-manager perspective but also from the perspective of an external stakeholder (e.g.: Politician, entrepreneur, ethicist, NGO representative, etc.)

The day finished with a plenum meeting with the presentation of the results achieved by the 4 groups established which can be seen on the videos below:


Likewise a list of criteria for the selection of TA relevant  themes was also discussed and developed:



The last day the group activity continued by applying the criteria list developed on the previous session to specific TA themes: Human Enhacement, Waste Management, Energy and E-Government. The presentation of results can be seen below in the same order: