PACITA has 4 main objectives which the action plan aims at:

  • Enhancing and expanding the European capacity on evidence-based policy-making and policy-making based on using science and research. The example project with regard to this objective treats the issue of Public Health Genomics and will involve cross-disciplinary clarification of four central societal aspects and a parliamentary hearing process.
  • Promoting public engagement in science. PTA has a long tradition on public participation and citizen consultation on science and technology issues. The example project on this objective is a Citizen Consultation on Sustainable Consumption which is an issue that needs strong scientifically based actions, but also involves difficult choices and dilemmas for the individual citizen and potential consumer.
  • Improving the two-way communication between scientists and other stakeholders. The tensions on science and technology mostly involve different viewpoints and interests between and among scientists and stakeholders. The example project called Scenario Workshop on Telecare in the Ageing Society will seek to identify common ground in the field between scientific/technological possibilities and the interest of many stakeholders.
  • Ensuring the ethics in science. Most TA methods are designed to clarify ethical concerns in science and technology and their use in our society. This objective will be addressed in the example projects on Public Health Genomics and the Scenario Workshop on Telecare in the Ageing Society.