Place: Foyer of the Balling Hall on Thursday March 14, 2013 from 13:15 to 14:30.

List of authors:

Marlous E. Arentshorst (VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands): Future visions of medical neuroimaging: Dealing with polarities.

Gerhard Banse (ITAS, Germany): Technology assessment and culture – an old or a new relationship.

Manuel Baumann (ITAS, Germany): A constructive technology assessment of stationary energy storage systems.

Gretchen Gano (Arizona State University, USA): A distributed collaborative 21st century approach to technology assessment from concept to practice.

Leon Hempel, Dagny Veder (Centre for Technology and Society, Germany): Towards a multi-dimensional security technology impact assessment: Security, trust, efficiency, freedom infringements.

Guido Huppertz (Faunhofer, Germany): Future small unmanned aerial systems: Technological development and risks for public security.

Maike Puhe (ITAS, Germany): Will integrated ticketing meet its expectations?

Max Reichenbach (ITAS, Germany): Assessing the future competitiveness of the European transport sector.

Anna Sacio-Szymańska (Institute for Sustainable Technologies, Poland): Innovativeness in times of economic downturn – comparative analysis of selected economics.

Mirjam Schuijff (Rathenau Institute, the Netherlands): Human enhancement: Towards a broad societal debate.

Stefanie B. Seitz (ITAS, Germany): Nano Safety – risk governance of manufactured nanoparticles – challenges of substance regulation under scientific uncertainty.

Ondřej Valenta (Technology Centre ASCR, Czech Republic): National priorities of oriented research, experimental development and innovation.

Janneke Visser (Rathenau Institute, the Netherlands): The new dabating reality: Mobilizing social media for TA.

Herbert Wancura (Synergesis, Austria): Evidence based technology policy making using an integrated technology monitoring and assessment tool.

Abstracts related to selected posters are available here.