Chairs Zoya Damianova
Day and time Friday, March 15th, 2013; 10:00 – 13:15
Philip Vergragt (Tellus Institute) speaking

Philip Vergragt (Tellus Institute) speaking

The “Sustainable Development and Consumption” session focused on multiple aspects and challenges related to the sustainable development of the society which means meeting human needs while preserving the environment. Different approaches and novel/emerging technologies in areas such as water treatment, renewable energy sources, sustainable agriculture or food safety were presented. One of the important aspects that was discussed in the session was communication of new solutions to the general public as well as the public acceptance and policy support to the new technologies.

The abstracts of the session can be read here.

Presentations of the session:

Introduction of the session

  • J. Lemm / U. Rübsam / G. Seide / T. Gries

Clean water – Energy for our everyday life

  • D. Siswartonová/ M. Rice

Using beauty to achieve true sustainability

  • E. Bongert / S. Albrecht

Towards a great transition of food & health systems. Rethinking the key role of sustainable agricultures for healthy societies

  • P. Vergragt

Sustainable consumption: Towards a systemic transition

  • J. Schmidl / K. Schilcher

Central-European stakeholders propose clear priorities for further development of bioenergy-markets

  • F. Sehnal / O. Habuštová / Z. Svobodová

Assessment of the environmental impact of genetically modified maize