National Technical Library, venue of the Conferences

The First European Conference on Technology Assessment (Prague, March 13-15, 2013)  addressed examples of societal areas witnessing great transitions like health care and medicine, energy supply, climate change and mobility in addition to the use of computer technology in all areas of society.

The main subject areas covered included:

  • The kinds of knowledge and dialogue needed for decision-making in societies in order to accomplish the great transitions
  • The kinds of projects and programs, institutions, approaches and methods needed by technology assessment in these processes
  • Novel methods, such as the use of various art forms, to reach different types of actors and target groups
  • The special interests and needs of EU member states in the various areas of the European Union with respect to policy advice for the great transitions
  • Results of projects on topics related to the great transitions, for example:
    • Health care in an ageing society (e.g. e-Health, robotics for home care, ambient assisted living)
    • Energy supply in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster (e.g. renewables)
    • Mobility (e.g. urban transport, e-mobility, logistics)
    • Changes to societal relationships through ICT (social computing etc.)
  • The use of project results in policy-making and other activities.

The conference was addressed to all groups of actors in science and policy studies: policy makers in legislation and administration, civil society organisations as well as academics and TA practitioners.  Instead of sessions consisting purely of presentations of papers, the conference planners welcomed contributions in novel forms, such as tandem presentations by the clients of studies and practitioners, and use of the new media or forms of art to stimulate debate or present results.

You can download the conference documents below:

You can watch the opening and closing sessions below: