Chairs Georg Aichholzer
Day and time Wednesday, March 13th, 2013: 15:45 – 19:00

This session assembled a set of contributions which allowed exploring the participation of citizens, households and local communities in climate change policies, with a special focus on the role of ICT-supported methods and their effects. A common point of reference was the challenge to decrease the carbon footprint and to bring about a change to sustainable patterns of consumption, being aware of the limits of behavioural change programmes. Employing a variety of methodologies, the presentations tackled this from different perspectives and offered fresh empirical evidence on impacts.

The first part concentrated on participation initiatives using online CO2 calculators as “change agents” and on e-participation strategies of local governments. Special aspects are quasi-experimental design elements and experiences with long-term participation. The second part was devoted to extending the scope and means of intervention to stimulate climate-friendly consumption patterns and to deepening the view on social and cultural factors, particularly at local and regional levels. This includes assessing the outreach and potential of measures addressing private households comparatively, studying different incentives in green web applications and analysing the role of cultural practices, local knowledge and different stakeholders for the response to climate change. The rich combination of quantitative and qualitative methods together with the multi-national and multi-disciplinary scope provided additional value.

The abstracts of the session can be read here.

Presentations of the session:

  • R. Cimander/ H. Kubicek

Project design and ecological impacts of the e2democracy research collaboration

  • Aichholzer/ D. Allhutter/ S. Strauss

E-participation in local climate initiatives: Participants’ assessments of process and impacts

  • B. Acerete/ S. Royo/ A. Yetano

E-Participation on environment-related policies. An assessment of European local government practices

  • V. Peters/ J. Vávra

GILDED research project carbon calculator: Methods and results

  • F. Rubik/ M. Kress

Experience with municipal measures to influence the carbon footprint of private households’ daily routines

  • C. E. Scheele

Assessing Green Web Applications: From behavoir to attitudes – or vice versa?

  • S. Böschen

Regional climates: Participation and collective experimentation at local level