Chair Anders Jacobi
Day and time Thursday, March 14th, 2013: 10:00 – 13:15
Gunter Clar (Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum) speaking

Gunter Clar (Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum) speaking

Future-oriented technology analyses (FTA) provide a systematic outlook and assessment of technology trends and possible developments, assisting better informed policy-making. These forward-looking activities, including foresight, gain significance due to rapid technological changes especially in the context of their possible economic and societal impacts.

The aim of this session was to explore the issue of technology assessment from the perspective of FTA. The session searched for mutual links of FTA and technology assessment. Is it technology assessment that enriches knowledge base to consequent FTA? Or it is FTA that serves as a tool for a more comprehensive technology assessment? Presentations throughout the session provided a number of case studies and shared experience in utilisation of forward-looking activities, methods and tools in specific sectors, contexts and settings. The focus of the presentations were therefore placed on practical utilisation and outputs of the presented projects. The consequent discussions tried to answer the questions stated above: How can forward-looking activities contribute to the development of technology assessment methods and vice-versa?

The abstracts of the session can be read here.

Presentations of the session:

  • D. Robinson/ A. Rip

The challenge of indications of socio-economic impact that address the complexities : Insights for TA and future-oriented analyses

  • M. John / F. Fritsche

Bibliometrics for technology forecasting and assessment – A preliminary application to human enhancement

  •  G. Clar / B. Sautter

From shared knowledge to collective action: The “Spitzen”-cluster MicroTECSüdwest

  •  C. Bogenstahl/ P. Warnke/ S. Kimpeler

Foresight for challenge-oriented RTI Policy. Recent experience from Germany

  • A. Sacio-Szymańska/ A. Mazurkiewicz/ B. Poteralska/ J. Łabędzka

Using corporate foresight effectively – A case study from Poland

  •  O. Valenta/ L. Hebakova

National priorities of oriented research, experimental development and innovation in the Czech Republic