Connecting Society and Technology

Fréderic Adam and Paidi O'Reilly (University College Cork)

The event held on the 8th May, 2012 in the Science Gallery (Trinity College Dublin) was the first Irish national workshop dealing specifically with technology assessment. For the purposes of the event technology assessment (TA) was defined as the analytic and democratic practice which aims at broadening the knowledge base of policy decisions by comprehensively analysing the socio-economic preconditions as well as the possible social, economic and environmental impacts in the implementation of science and new technology.


to the aims of the workshop and to the PACITA project was delivered by Prof Fréderic Adam (University College Cork) who welcomed the panel of experts from European Technology Assessment Institutions and the attendees from Irish policy-related entities (including the Department of Health and Children, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Health Research Board, Teagasc, and the Advisory Council for Science, Technology, and Innovation), various academic institutions, and civic initiatives.

The experts delivered

and responded to questions on the following topics:

  1. How Different European Countries are Managing the Interface between Science, Society, and Politics
  2.  How to Engage Politicians, Scientists, and Citizens to Drive More Effective Policy Making
  3. How to Push the Boundaries of Foresight, Prioritization, and Measurement.

Each presentation was followed by an round table discussion about the situation in Ireland. Click here for a summary of the main themes emerging from these discussions.